De Traction 404RE ready for mouting

The Caliber Traction 404RE, with its size 315/80R22.5, is the bigger brother of the Caliber Power Grip 23 RE and must be mounted on the Caliber special rim.

Just like the Caliber Power Grip 23RE, the Traction 404RE can be fitted as a single or twin wheel.
When mounted as double air, no spacer is used. As a result, both tyres sit tightly together, which gives dirt and sand no chance.
Of course, the correct tyre pressure must be used for this

Due to the special tread, this tyre has good traction on light soil and in meadows. In addition, this tyre has a good driving comfort on the road.
The Caliber Traction 404RE has a large pulling power, excellent stability and is competitively priced

TechniTechnical specifications

  • Tubeless mounting
  • Strong radial carcass
  • Tread height 20 mm
  • Load Index 150/154 A7
  • Format for twin wheel mounting:
    • Overall height 1090 mm
    • Overall width 630 mm

Minimum tyre pressure

  • 7.5 bar up to 18.9 tonnes
  • 9.0 bar from 19.0 to 22.0 tonnes