Why are Caliber tyres environmentally friendly?

In Germany alone, the largest tire market in Europe, almost 600,000 tons of used tyres are produced annually, generating an immense amount of waste, the disposal of which is becoming increasingly expensive and difficult. So far, a large proportion of used tyres have ended up in furnaces as fuel for cement plants. The reuse of worn tyres, i.e. their retreading, contributes significantly to the reduction of waste.

The remaining tread is removed, and the substructure – i.e., the casing – is reprocessed and reused. This process, which even in today’s predominantly automated world still requires a lot of manual labor, saves valuable resources.

For example, the production of retread tyres requires up to 80% less water, up to 70% less crude oil and up to 50% less energy. Moreover, by producing in Europe and working with European suppliers, long transport routes are avoided, which in turn reduces environmental pollution and CO2 emissions.

Caliber tyres are renewed premium tyres developed specifically for use on mobile excavators. Only 1A carcasses from top European tyre manufacturers are used. The rubber mixtures used, for example for the tread and sidewall, also come from a leading European material supplier.

The retreading process is subject to strict quality specifications and meets the high requirements of the European standards for commercial vehicles (e.g. ECE 109).

Caliber tyres are safe, reliable and environmentally friendly – and are on a par with comparable new tyres in terms of quality and performance. This is proven not only by independent tests which Caliber regularly commissions, but also by the numerous, long-term and satisfied customers.

Caliber tyres are carefully examined and their quality is ensured through various test procedures (e.g. shearography, pressure test, etc.) during the selection of the casing, the retreading process itself and, of course, also during the final inspection.

Caliber – renewed premium tyres for the highest demands and environmental awareness.